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Today was the perfect day for a riding lesson.  Jen and I arrived at the barn, and while she was getting Harley ready, I was measured for a new suit.  I would like a black one with very thin pink or silver pin stripes, or a muted blue.  The suit maker didn't have any swatches that I liked, so she is going to contact her suppliers and see if she can find what I'm looking for and send me samples.

After all of that twisting and turning (and in front of an audience, too), I headed over to the other barn to get Diesel ready.  I was really looking forward to riding him again.  The last time he could hardly walk.  He was a little slow on the way out of the barn, but I scooped up a handful of hay and waved it in front of his nose, and he actually picked up the pace a bit.  For him, anyway.

After letting him walk around a few times to loosen up his creaky joints, M had us start trotting.  She told me to gather him up and get him more collected, and just as he was stepping up down along the rail, it happened.  He tripped and pulled his shoe off.  Crap!!  It took longer to get him ready than then time I spent riding him.  Considering what a craptatular day I had, I wasn't all that surprised that this endeavor didn't go as planned, either.  Back to the other barn we went, and I put him away.  Better luck during the group lesson later in the week.

I watched the end of Jen's lesson, and M told me that D would fix Diesel's shoe and get him all ready for Wednesday.  He was due for a trim, anyway.  Poop!  Why did he have to pull his shoe off today?  Why couldn't he have waited until tomorrow?

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