And the Long Weekend Begins!

I had a short day at work, and only really went in to finish payroll and take care of a few loose ends before the holiday weekend.  Things are always quiet on the Friday before a long weekend, and today was no exception.  After delegating a few tasks (thanks for running up to the bank, Puu!!) I starting getting ready to make an exit when Dean called to taunt me.  He was already home.  Evidently, his office was being painted today, and he didn't want to smell the paint fumes.  Works for me!

Headed home and convinced him that we just couldn't survive without lunch at Mexico Lindo.  This isn't really a hard sell, but he thought we should go to El Patio instead.  I would have agreed if Benstein was open, but I didn't want to drive all the way back around Proud Lake.  Plus, it would have felt like I was going back to work.

I ordered a combo meal, and Dean ordered the Carne De Puerco - sorry, he declined to have his food photographed for posterity because he just wanted to eat.  Instead, here is what I ate -

Mexico Lindo - Share on Ovi

Chips and salsa.  The green one is hot.  I love their salsa, because there are no disgusting chunks of onion waiting in ambush.

Mexico Lindo - Share on Ovi

Combo meal.  Very greasy.  Have to be in the mood for that, and today I was.  The taco dripped with fatty goodness, and the enchilada was bathing in a sea of cheese.  I couldn't finish it all.

The waitress actually asked what the doll was for, which is a first in all of the times I've dragged her and the camera along.  Maybe the rest thought I might be unstable, and therefore didn't inquire??

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