Friday Fun Continues

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Since I left work early, I called M and asked if she could fit my lesson in earlier.  She told me to come now - I was her only lesson in the evening, and she's trying to get five horses ready for a charity horse show tomorrow.

Left for the barn, surprised by how warm it had gotten.  When I left work, it was drizzling and chilly.  By the time I had Blondie tacked up, it was dreadfully humid.  Ick.

Started the lesson, but Blondie wouldn't bend her head at the poll.  M had me walk and went to get the draw reins.  I hate holding them because they are thick and round and give me blisters.  They did get Blondie to tip her head over, though.  Amazing how that works.

Working at a trot again, M had me work at getting Blondie's head set, without her pulling on the bridle.  She corrected me when I kept pulling her head into position, telling me to use my biceps and legs to set her in the bridle.  It was very difficult, because Blondie kept pulling against me, which pulls me forward.  M told me to concentrate on sitting back, keeping my ribs up, and not letting the horse pull me forward.

I have noticed that my riding has improved, and that I'm posting off of my legs instead of my feet, which I did for far too long.  I still get thrown off balance when Blondie surges forward or scoots to the side, but I'm so much better! I don't constantly hang on her mouth, anymore, either.  For the canters, I was able to sit back, keeping my arms bent, and ask her to step into it.  She fell out of it once, and I am still too slow to correct her, set her up, and send her forward again.  Need to work on that.

Blondie has been very good about the back gate, and now that I have mentioned it, she will probably be a tard about it on Sunday.

After the lesson, I ran up to Archiver's Scrapbook Store to see if I could find any embellishments for the doll clothes I am making.  They have so much stuff there!  It almost made me want to start scrapbooking. 

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