Sunday at the Barn

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With Benstein open, it only took a few minutes to drive to the barn.  Yay!  That's the way it's supposed to be.  There is still a lot of work left, as the guard rails are missing for the bridge, there's no turn signal installed yet, there's about a 5 inch dip in the asphalt where they haven't finished resurfacing the road, and obviously, there aren't any permanent lines painted on the non-existent asphalt.  Wonder how much longer all of that is going to take now that the road is only.  They're only about four weeks behind schedule as it is.

It's another toasty day, and M surprised me by moving the lesson outside.  We haven't ridden outside in ages.  It was nice.  Because Blondie is such a spaz, it even helped get her head cranked back as she warily eyed everything.  She wouldn't trot down the rail at first, but we worked through that.  She did spook at a big pile of horse poop, though.  I think it is funny that my horse is terrified of horse shit.

The lesson started indoors, and M announced that today, Blondie is going to look like a show horse.  No more goofing around, we have a show in three weeks.  She got the stretchers out, and after one trot around, she got the draw rein back out, too.  Then she suggested that we ride in the outdoor and get the mare to go to work.  Now, that's what I have been hoping for all summer long.

Blondie really stepped up down the rail, at least for Blondie.  It's the liveliest she's been in months.  She wasn't pulling on the bridle, and she even flat walked for me.  After a couple of trips around in both directions, M decided that we should call it a day because Blondie worked so well.  Since it was so hot out, I didn't have any complaints. 

Oh, I almost forget!  When I first arrived, the barn help was still cleaning Blondie's stall, so I went to the other barn to watch them work the babies.  I got to brush the three month old filly's mane and tail.  Her coat is so soft!  She also stands better than my mare, which wasn't a good feeling.

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