Lesson 7.8

Wednesday night I rode Gio in the group lesson.  When M told me to start getting Blondie ready, I was really excited, until she said that D would be riding her, and I would be riding Gio 🙁

The group was very small; lots of people have ditched town for the holidays.  It was just me, Kim, and Maggie for the lesson. M got Gio ready for me, while I brushed Blondie.  Blondie was very cuddly, which made Kim declare that aliens had landed.  I thought maybe it was a full moon.   It was probably just a peppermint afterglow from the 2 5 lb bags of candy that I gave to the horses for Christmas.  Anyway, I'm sure the sweetness won't last long.

Gio was the perfect gentleman, only occasionally needing a firm yank on the bridle to check his speed.  I was a little nervous to canter on him, because of the first time I rode him, when he was like a runaway freight train.  My fears were unfounded, as he rounded up into a neat little ball and cantered around at a very pleasant pace.

I have to admit that I was wrong about Gio.  I used to call him the devil horse, Satan, and demon.  Either he has mellowed in the past year, or I am finally learning how to ride.  Maybe being turning out for the winter, instead of standing in his stall building up energy, has something to do with it, too.  This was the second time I've ridden a world champion Morgan during a lesson, and it's certainly something I can get used to! 

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