Sick again!

I went to the doctor's yesterday to see if he could do something about my allergies.  They have been terrible for about 3 weeks now.  I only decided to go because I happened to remember that my DS was in the car, along with an unopened copy of FFIII.  I hate waiting in the office if I don't have something to do.

The doctor's office was packed.  I think everyone is making a last ditch effort to feel better for New Year's.  After waiting for about 40 minutes (and becoming engrossing in the stupid game!), the doctor appeared.  I asked him for some decongestants or something to help my allergies.  After looking in my ears, checking my throat, and listening to me breathe, he said it wasn't my allergies.  I have another sinus infection! Argh!!  The only bright spot - generic antibiotics are free at Meijers!!  They had to do something to compete with Wal Mart.

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