First Day of the Show – 1

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Make that an order of fries to go.

OMG! Yesterday was just exhausting. A lot happened, so I'm going to break up the day into a couple of posts.

After getting home late on Thursday, my carefully crafted plans of sleeping in on Friday were ruined, and I had to get up early to be back at the fairgrounds.  Since I wasn't able to ride Blondie Thursday night - they weren't finished getting the arena ready, and even though they encouraged us to come on and use the ring, it just didn't look safe.  Instead, we entered into my classes for Friday, and made plans to meet again in the morning.

I had only planned on riding in two classes this show, so I decided to commute.  Bad idea.  I ended up in four, and it would have been better to stay a little closer to the fairgrounds.  Problem - there isn't really any place that is affordable, safe, and close.  Boo.

Our trial run around the ring went pretty well, and though Blondie kept looking around, she didn't react to anything going on around her.  The arena footing is awful - it's like a fine powder, it's very dry, and by the end of this trial run, I think I had breathed in a pound of dust.  The ring is also small - not much bigger than the  one at home.  I am very disappointed with the facilities.

I had enough time to run up to a quilt shop in Berkley.  They had a beautiful selection of fabric, and I speed shopped, wondering what I was going to do for lunch the entire time.  I didn't want to eat a lot because I would be riding soon, and it had to be fast.  Solution - Taco Bell!

I bought extra tacos in case anybody else wanted to eat, and headed back to the fairgrounds.  Then I discovered that our classes had been moved up because there were so many cancellations.  Argh!  I only got to eat one taco because I had to get ready.  I hate rushing around like that!

The classes flew by, and M and A2 were scrambling to get us all ready and into the ring.  Because we had worked Blondie earlier, she didn't really need much of a warm up - just a trot or two around to loosen up her muscles.  Then it was time to go into the ring.

The biggest disappointment at this show is that I can't trot in through the chute.  That is the most exhilarating 5 seconds.  Ever.  But alas, at this show we had to trot over concrete and then over rubber mats that shifted and moved and made more than a few people nervous that the horses might trip.  It's a little scary going through there, too, so M had to head us in to the ring.

The Country Pleasure class had three entries.  I was very nervous, which was dumb.  There was hardly any one there watching.  Just people from our barn, my parents, and people from the other competitors' barns.  Silly to be nervous when there are so few people there. 

My biggest apprehension for this class was the halt.  Blondie is not so big on manners, and the last time we tried to do this, she started rearing when she was supposed to be standing quietly minding her p's and q's.  This time she stood rock solid, both directions.  She didn't necessarily want to get moving again after her little break, but I would rather have that than the previous result.  She even stood quietly in the line up.

We were second out of three, and I was happy with that.  My hands were too busy the first way, and I didn't get my nerves under control until we reversed.  I later discovered that one of the other "trainers" from our barn, who that was not in attendance, had commented that Blondie would never stand quietly at the halt.  Maybe the problem is that the horse trainer thinks that they know a little bit more about training horses that they actually do?  More ranting about this at a later date. 

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