At the Show – Day One Part II – Crazy Class

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After taking a break from the fairgrounds to grab some lunch with my parents, it was back to my favorite horse show activity - waiting.  I did manage to entertain myself by snapping some pix of the fairgrounds, which I'll post later.  When Audie reappeared, I asked her why she wasn't taking part in the scavenger hunt that the show was putting on.  She said she didn't want to, until I offered to help her.  It was a lot of fun chasing around after her as she tried to track down the clues.  We got stuck on Clue #6, which required the show's farrier to be there.  He had left for dinner.  Audie was just gnashing her teeth because the other kids were catching up to her, and she had been so happy that she had a huge head start on them.  At first she didn't want to talk to them, but by the end of the show, they were hanging out, thicker than thieves. 

There were a lot of class cancellations in the evening session, so everything was accelerated again.  I got early ready, just so I wouldn't feel rushed again like in the afternoon.  Then I was able to watch some of the classes.  I was supposed to tail one of R's weanlings, but she found someone else who wasn't showing later in the session to help her instead.  That meant that I didn't have to change clothes in a rush.

We had four horses going in the evening, but they were a little more spread out.  I was in the last class, and it was a Jackpot Judging class.  For $5, people could purchase a card, and if they placed the class exactly as the judge, they would win half of the kitty.  The class was 12 horses, so that wasn't going to be easy.  I don't know if anyone won.  I wasn't so thrilled that it was my class, because it meant that there would be a ton of people watching.  Grrr.

Since Blondie had already gone twice, I didn't want to even trot her before the class.  The warm up ring was packed, so I just walked her up and down the drive.  I hate waiting, and just wanted to class to be called into the ring.  It finally was, and off we went.  I followed Sammy in, and soon it was sheer bedlam.  The ring is too small for that many horses!

I love big classes.  Why?  You don't have time to worry about anything but keeping your spot on the rail and avoiding collisions.  Horses were breaking all around the ring - cantering when they should have been trotting, walking when they should have been trotting, stopping when they should have been moving forward.  I just tried to stay clear of everybody else.  During the canter the first way, one of the horses slipped, pitching his rider right over his head.  I was cantering by when it happened.  There was so much noise that you couldn't even hear the announcer call for a halt.  I was just trying to find a place to stop where I wouldn't get creamed.  The rider was ok, she dusted herself off and got back on her horse.  The only bummer was that Blondie was working so well before it happened, and it was hard to get back to that.

We ended up not even placing, but it was so much fun that I didn't care.  I hope that the class tonight is like that again, minus the falling off part.  I just need to work on Blondie's head set; she did everything else except that she did jig at the walk.

There was a dessert party after the session, and I ate 6 cream puffs.  Ugh.  Back to the diet on Monday.

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