Hurry Up and Wait – Like, Until Tomorrow – Day II

Bentley in the warm up ring - Share on Ovi

Yeah, so Day II never really happened.  After hanging out with Jen and Mike most of the day, which included a run to Joann's, the mall, and then some lunch, I headed off to the fairgrounds, only to discover, after I had already started to change, that my class had been bumped until Sunday morning.  What an utter and complete pain in the ass.  No sleeping in on Sunday morning for me!  Wish someone had called to let me know, because I probably would have just gone home and taken care of a few of neglected tasks.

Since I was there, I decided to just stay.  The most amusing part of the evening to was Ride a Buck class.  A2 rode Diesel, but she said that she would quit when they called the canter, and M rode Harley.  A2 ended up cantering, and Diesel looked like he behaved himself.  There were only 6 participants this year - 2 years ago, there were about 20.  Attendance at the shows has really dropped off, and it was really evident during the fun classes.  So sad.

One of the girls in the class rode a mini, which just had us cracking up.  It may have been a shorter fall to the ground, but that little guy had the roughest looking gaits.  It was so funny, and I really wished that I had remembered to bring my video camera.

A2 was the 4th rider disqualified, and M won on Harley.  He has a pretty rough trot, but a very smooth canter.  Yay! Wonder what she'll do with all of those winnings!

The most exciting class was the Road Pony Championship, which had three entries - huge for this circuit.  Audie and Bentley were up against some adult amateur exhibitors, and they entered the arena just smoking.  I have never seen Bentley look at sharp as he did on Saturday.  Audie had his head jacked back, and he was so fast!  If she could have kept his head straight, I think she might have been able to pull off an upset - instead, she was the reserve champion.  It was a fantastic class!

Got home late and dreaded the thought of having to get up early to get ready and be at the fairgrounds in time for the start of the 9AM show.  Our class was the second one of the morning.  Ugh!

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