The Finale – Day III

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Blondie in Ludington

Got up at 5:30 so that I would have enough time to get ready.  Yuck! One of the kids almost missed her class on Saturday because her mom was running late, and I didn't want that to happen to me.  Blondie wouldn't need a long warm up, but I didn't want to feel rushed.

I arrived in plenty of time for the COTB Saddleseat Pleasure Championship.  There were 10 horses this time around, still enough to make for a jam-packed ring.  I had Blondie's head crammed back for the warm up, but I just couldn't repeat it in the ring.  I do feel encouraged that I am starting to figure out how to set her head without pulling on her bridle, but I really wished that I could have done it during the class!  It was another free for all in there, minus anyone falling off.  Blondie hit all of her gears, but we didn't place. 

M commented after the class that it's just hard for her to compete against all of the show pleasure horses, and I thought back to last year when she was a show pleasure horse.  What the hell happened?  The more I think about it, the more unhappy I am with Blondie's training at the barn.  What to do, what to do??

D & A showed up just before the final session.  At that point, one had to wonder what the whole point of that was.  I'll not vent much about how disappointed I am that he ditched his paying customers to go to someone else's horse show, but what the heck, I'm just one the idiots that keeps writing training checks to him, only to learn that my horse became someone else's "project" horse.  Sorry, I digress, and this blog is supposed to be about happy things.  I'll save the bullsh$t for a post another time.

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Sitting. Doing nothing.  You do a lot of this at horse shows.

My final class was the last class for the barn.  It was the Country Pleasure Championship, and there were four entries in it.  Since Blondie has already gone earlier in the morning, she didn't really need a warm up.  Amber and Harley were in the Walk/Trot Championship right before us, so M was ringside for them, leaving me with A.  We took Blondie out to the warm up ring, and she heaved me onto the saddle.  I trotted around a few times, and then went to stand in the middle of the ring.  When they called for the line-up for Amber's class, I headed to the arena, with A and D trailing behind me. 

As w/t horses started streaming out of the arena, Amber and Harley were nowhere to be seen.  Why?  They had won the class!  Good thing D had showed up to grudgingly nail Harley's loose shoe back on his hoof.  It would have been a shame for the horse to have thrown a shoe and ruined the kid's ride. 

When they finally emerged, M handed Harley off to A, and she helped lead Blondie in.  There was a horse for her to follow, so Blondie wasn't too skittish about going into the ring.  I tried to ride my heart out, but Blondie started feeling very hitchy the first way around.  That is the reason I was so upset that the Saturday night class had been pushed to Sunday morning - I wanted her fresh for both classes.  It wasn't likely that we would win either one, but she's more fun to ride when she's not all tired out.

She got all of her gears right, and stood, for the most part, quietly at the halt.  The second way, I thought that J's kids were going to spook her, because they came running over to the wall to wave at me.  Argh!  Don't bring your kids to the horse show if you're not going to watch them!  Thankfully, the walk was called before they could scare the crap out of my horse, or any of the other horses.

We ended up 3rd out of 4.  

The show season is over, but now I have some big decisions to make.  Ever since Ludington, I haven't been happy with the way things are at the barn.  Every day I am less happy.  If things don't change, and soon, I feel that I will have to move to another facility.   And that totally bums me out.

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  1. haffiegirl says:
    Sorry to hear about the trainer troubles. One time when I was a kid I had a horse in full time training and someone came up to me at a horse show and told me how great their lesson was on him. I was shocked. We had never been asked if it was okay for my horse to be used in lessons – and we definitely weren’t given a discount, and I’m sure the trainer counted it as a “training ride”. This was just one part of a long list of crappy things this trainer did. Eventually it burned me out so much that I sold the horse and didn’t ride again for five years! Get out of a bad situation before it ruins the fun of having your horse. There are so many shady trainers out there it’s not even funny. I’m really lucky to finally have found someone who (I think) is honest. It’s especially hard when you’re new to an area, new to horses, etc. to find a decent trainer. I’m sure you’ve been looking around at shows and stuff and probably have seen some trainers that look good. And don’t beat yourself up over making a mistake with trainers – we’ve all done it before. At least from your photos it looks like your horse has received proper care despite the training issues. Good luck with whatever you decide to do 🙂

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