Lesson 7.9 and Dude! Lock the Door!!

Today, despite feeling like pu, I headed off to barn and my lesson with D.  As I predicted, Blondie is back to her old, disagreeable self.  I got her ready, and we headed for the arena.

It's always interesting to ride with D.  He's always doing something to get the horses aired up, and make sure you're paying attention.  If he's not shaking the bag whip, he's tossing smoke bombs around the arena.  Today was no exception.

Since I got after Blondie the other day, she was pretty much on her best behavior today. She did get funny in one corner, when we were just working the straight aways, but a crack from the whip with my new found skill of riding while holding the reins in one hand, and D cracking the buggy whip, got her going again. 

We worked on trotting, and then cantering.  She picked up the canter right away, but I over bent her the first time and she fell out of it.  I quickly got her going again, and then we worked on walking.  Blondie jigs instead of flat walking, and that is a penalty in a pleasure class. 

D had me walk her into the line up, and then back her 3 steps.   Then he said I did a good job, and we were going to keep the sessions on her short. 

After I put her away, he told me that I could get Wildchild ready and practice on her.  I only worked on trotting and a few patterns, because I was starting to feel like I needed a nap and I didn't want to get her too hot.  She sweats a lot, and I didn't want to spend an hour cooling her off.  I didn't try to canter her: I wanted to end the day on a good note.  The lesson with Blondie went very well, and I didn't want to go home after struggling with Wildchild

I am getting more confident riding Blondie, and I hope I can keep my nerves under control at our first horse show this season!

One funny thing happened before the lesson.  I always head off to the bathroom before I ride, and today was no exception.  I opened the bathroom door, and one of the barn hands was taking a leak!  Dude, lock the door! 

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