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Blondie's tail set has been retired, so it must be the end of show season.  It's so much easier to get her ready without having to struggle with that confusing mix of leather and snaps, and putting her away is a breeze.  It's so hard to get it all back on correctly, especially when she won't stand still.  Can't say that I blame her, what with a pillow being crammed under her tail and a girdle being strapped around her middle.

We worked on collection during this lesson, but first we had to get the horse to not pull on the bit.  That's all Blondie seems to do at the walk, and it's so frustrating!  For a few fleeting moments on Sunday, I figured out how to bump her head up and keep her off the bit, but I quickly lost it.  I just don't get it.  I don't understand how to keep her from pulling, which means that I can't get her head up.  I bump her sides and wiggle the bridle, and even worked on bending and turning to get her give a little, but nothing lasts for more than a few seconds with her.

We did have two very nice canters, but again, she was hanging on her bit.  If I can get this figured out, I know that everything else will start falling into place.  If I ever get it figured out.

Tomorrow is a bareback longe line lesson on Doc, if his feet got  trimmed.  He is tripping too much to do it if his hooves weren't trimmed.

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