Straight Lines Aren’t So Easy

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Sammy, the Pirate Ship

We tackled something that is really tough for me today.  After the walk/trot/canter, we worked on a pattern.  It was even a very simple pattern, but I had a hard time with the end of it anyway.

Starting at the center line, we trotted a figure 8 in half of the arena.  Then, we halted in the center, reversed, and cantered back to the start.  The figure 8 was a little rough because it was the short width of the ring, and Blondie's a big girl.  I wasn't giving her enough help on the turns, but the figure 8 was decently formed.  It's the canter that kills me.  I just don't get how to make her canter a straight line down the middle!  It sounds so simple, but when I angle, she takes off and canters sideways!  It's so hard without the wall to help me keep her straight.

M had us keep trying this maneuver, and after turning her around about 5 times, we finally got it right, on the correct lead.  While they are in Oklahoma, M suggested that I practice patterns and just come out and ride.  If the weather is nice, I think I will even ride in the outdoor arena.  In the western saddle, though.  It's a little more secure.

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