May I Present to You….


Here is my new pony, Nyk.  He is a Morgan.  I prefer taller horses, but he's got the dark and handsome down pat.  Just look at those perk ears and sparkly eyes!  So cute!

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Hi!  I'm Nyk!  Where do you keep the hay around here??

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Who are all of these strange people??  Where are my old friends?

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That big horse behind me makes me a little nervous

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Yeah, baby, I'm a cutie.  What's your sign?

I took him for a short spin, not wanting to stress him out anymore.  He was stuck on a trailer for 20 hours, and he's in a new environment, after all.  I was a little worried that he would be too short, but I guess that I am shorter than I think, because my legs do not reach the bottom of his belly.  He was a little tense at first, but so was I, but everything was ok in the end.  He's so cute!

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