Out to the Other Barn #2

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ASHAM 2008

Thursday night, I ventured to The Other Barn #2.  I tried a new way to get there, and shaved about 30 minutes off the drive.  I lost it all on the way home, when I got lost.  How was I to know that there are two exits for Dixie off of 75?

These are wonderful, intense lessons.  I rode Lucky, the lone Morgan at the barn.  He is a very steady worker.  The lessons horses here will trot forever, as long as you don't signal for them to do otherwise.  No need for a longe line.  They just go like the Energizer Bunny.

We got things started with a sitting trot.  I got a little confused when S instructed me to trot figure 8s.  We had been using the entire arena, which I thought she wanted to me keep doing. No, she wanted me to trot small figure eights at one end.  Then she had me trot progressively smaller figures, both with and without stirrups.  Then we did circles at a canter, both with and without stirrups.  At the rail, I would ask for a canter, then slow to a sitting trot, and then go off in a canter again.  All of the no stirrup work is very hard for me; I get so tense because I think I'm going to fall off.

We also did a lot of standing changes and trotting and cantering in the two point.  S said that she really likes my hands - they are rock steady.  My fingers and wrists need to soften just a little.  She said that after I develop a more secure seat, she will have me ride more with a show bridle.  When the lesson was over, she told me that I am a good rider, and that Lucky will help me fine tune some of my weak spots.  W was there, and he said that I did really well, too.  I left feeling very upbeat.  I can practice some of the exercises on Nyk, and some on Blondie.  I'm looking forward to pushing myself this winter and seeing just what I can accomplish.