Out in the Field

Nyk with his previous person, Nell - Share on Ovi

Nyk & his previous person, Nell

Today we rode Nyk with draw reins because he was pulling on the bridle during the group lesson.  This all goes back to me not having a secure seat.  He's not hard to ride, it just takes me a bit to get used to a new horse and to start feeling comfortable with it.  This third ride with Nyk was the best yet.

The draw reins allowed me to bring his head up.  We walked a lot, because he wanted to jig and not flat walk.  The canters were better - I am getting used to his choppier stride.  His legs are about half as long as Blondie's, and where she has very fluid canter, he does not.

The photographers came out again to take some practice shots, so we put a show bridle on Nyk and got some naked pony pix.  I hope they give me some of them.  Bernie did give me a disk of photos he took a couple of weeks back of Blondie.

Nyk got a little bored standing there, so we put him away and got Blondie out so D could pull her shoes.  She is going outside starting today.  She likes being on pasture board, where she can stroll about and nibble on grass all day long.  There were some pretty intense moments as the herd, led by Chester the pesky chestnut, were introduced.  Chester kept sniffing her rear end, at which Blondie took great offense.  She was bugling and kicking out at him with everything she had.  He got a couple of whacks in, too, but by the time I left, they had settled down and were eating grass.  Hope the pasture drama is over.