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Quick update because I have been so busy!  Work is very hectic, and my riding schedule is jammed full of lessons - at least for the next three weeks.

I rode Harley during the Monday night lesson.  Most excitement - my stirrup hit the back gate as we were going by, and Kim's horse spooked at the clang.  Kim fell off.  Sorry!  I thought only my mare did silly things like that.  Hope you are ok!!  Sorry!!

This lesson we concentrated on headset and cantering.  I haven't ridden Harley in a long time - he is so stiff, the poor guy.  I think that I had his head set the best I ever have.  He cantered nicely for me.  He also worked very hard and got very sweaty.  Took a while to cool him off.

Tuesday, it was out to J's place.  I rode Patch, and we worked a lot on cantering.  Patch has a very choppy canter, which makes me bounce around and get all tense.  I tried to work on keeping my shoulders down and my wrists loose.  Oh, and my legs long and useful.   I think I am making a little bit of progress with all of this, but I don't understand why I still get stiff as a board at the canter.  Sigh

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