The Zoo Boo 2008

Here it is!  The post so many of you have been waiting for!  Well, ok, one of my four readers has been bugging me to put up this particular adventure, so, Mom, here it is!  Your granddaughter, live, in pictures, at the Zoo Boo!

Rich and I arrived at the zoo right around 7pm.  The weather was a tad nippy, but not terribly uncomfortable.  I still had some hand warmers from riding earlier in the day, and surprisingly, they were still warm.  Bundled up in thermals, sweatshirts, and a jacket, I was ready for my twilight stroll through the park.

We breezed through the Members Entrance, and met up with the rest of the family.  It was very busy at the zoo - I have never attended a Zoo Boo before, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  There were a gazillion kids running here and there and all points in between.  Zoo employees were giving out orange plastic Meijer bags, but I didn't think to grab one.  I didn't think that I would be trick or treating.  Stephen had thoughtfully grabbed an extra, and he presented it to me so I, too, could collect some candy.

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Here is Elly.  She wanted to be a bat for Halloween.  I think she made a pretty darn good one.

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The zoo was decorated with a variety of spooky decorations. Here is a scary scarecrow. Notice my fashionable witchy attire.

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Displays of painted gourds were set up all around the fountain and walking path.

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I liked this one, celebrating the Year of the Frog.

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Guess you gotta keep the football fans happy.

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Vultures! But one of their noses fell off.

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Halloween wouldn't be complete without America's spookiest family.

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Not quite sure what this igloo has to do with Halloween, other than the fact that living in an ice cube would be a nightmare.

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Penguins are behind me. Wait! I thought that crows are supposed to be the scary ones...

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There were candy stations set up around the zoo. There were about ten of them. Everyone handing out candy was in costume, and some of them were very well done.

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There were even huge inflatable balloons anchored around the zoo.

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And creepy spiders hanging from trees.

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Spooky ghosts!

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And even some non frightening displays for those faint of heart.

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Uh-oh. Something must be up over here....

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Argh!!!! They converted the reptile house into a haunted house! At first Elly didn't want to enter, but she worked up the courage and changed her mind.

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Why do they gotta have scary stuff like this??? I hate this kind of thing!

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Elly found some bats to hang with.

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Can you see that enormous alligator behind me????  It's about 100 times bigger than me!!!

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They just had to work a pirate theme in there somewhere. I fit right in with these guys!

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Always a favorite place for photo ops, they had drained the fountain and placed a pirate ship and sea monsters in the empty space.

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See how scary it looks with the monsters instead of the water??

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Here's at ya, kid! Posing with the bat girl!

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The dinosaur gourds were very popular.

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A very exhausted jack o lantern.

The Zoo Boo was fun, but I think I enjoyed it so much because I was able to hang out with the family while we wandered along the carefully mapped out paths. None of the animals were on display, other than the reptiles. There were security guards stationed along the route, to make sure nobody tried to sneak off and enjoy a little mischief in other parts of the zoo. Some of the paths were not well lit, and presented tripping hazards with the uneven ground.

I was very tired by the time I returned home, and it was way after my bedtime.  Getting up at 4:30 sucks.  It was the start of a sleep deprived and very hectic week.  I showed my candy haul to Dean, and he promptly made fun of my efforts.  For 2 hours of trick or treating, I didn't have much booty to show for my time.  Oh, well, it's not like I'm going to eat it anyway.  What I don't save for the horses,  I'll end up taking to work and giving to a co-worker. 

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