Nyk Update

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Friday night I rode Nyk, and today I drove him.  Blondie was given the weekend off.  She seems to have settled in with her pasture buddies now, and she and Chester have been together the last few times I've been at the barn.  All of that kicking and screaming at each other must have been for show.  She did manage to rip some hair off of her legs, but nobody can figure out how she did it.  Didn't break the skin, just scraped her hair off.

Friday, we worked Nyk in draw reins, and worked on head set.  Then M hooked him up to a longe line and we worked on the canter.  It's going to take me some time to get used to his short, choppy stride.  Blondie may be a spaz, but at least she has a nice, smooth canter.  I am getting better with transitions with Nyk.  It helps that he is extremely willing to do anything you ask him to.

It was very chilly this morning, and it made me remember how much I hate cold weather.  My fingers got so cold when I was driving that I could barely grip the reins.  Nyk drives very well, though, like Blondie, he tries to jig at the walk.  We spent a lot of time walking and trying to keep him at a consistent flat walk.  I also let him trot too fast at the pleasure trot.  It's been a while since I've driven, so I was trying to get the hang of it again.  It's exciting to think about having two horses that drive - I think they look so elegant in harness.

After putting Nyk away, I watched Sarah and Zoe ride their ponies.  Sarah borrowed my western saddle - she wants to ride Wildchild western next summer.  I don't know if she meant for the Equestrian team or what.  The mare needs to canter a lot slower if she's going to go western!  Wildchild has the fastest canter on the whole farm, I think.  Her walk has gotten much slower, but that canter is something else.

D rode Cookie after that, and I stayed to watch.  It wasn't as exciting as when the horse ran into the gate, but it was still a good show.  Cookie is a beautiful horse, and it's fun to watch him rack.  Don't know if I want to ever try riding him again, as he is a little too strong for me. 

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