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Where does the time go?  Here it is, already Friday, and I'm behind on my blogging.  First off, Happy Halloween!

Tuesday I marched along the rail at J's.  One of her students was practicing, so I had an obstacle to ride around.  I had a very nice canter on Patch, even with the gooseneck spurs I had to borrow because I forgot to bring mine.  Patch doesn't go anywhere without a poke or two with the spurs, and I was working a lot harder than he was without them!  It was a fun lesson, and I was even able to order a flat draw rein from J's tack store.  I hope it comes in before next Tuesday, which is also my last lesson there.

Wednesday was a very small group lesson.  Just me, Sarah, and Zoe.  I rode Blondie, who didn't want to cooperate and made me chase her all around the pasture before grudgingly letting me catch her.  Chester and one of the other mares kept playing blocker for her, too.  It was so irritating - I will have to take peppermints next time I need to bring her in.  In revenge, she stepped on my toe when I was taking her out to the arena.  Of course she had to do it on the concrete instead of in her stall, and she stopped with her hoof on my foot.  I think she broke my big toe!  It is an angry shade of purple and rather painful.

I used a draw rein with Blondie, and I was able to get her head set for a change.  M commented that I ride better with the draw rein.  There was even some slack in the reins.  We worked on a cantering pattern that was so hard for both of us, but it is a very useful one for collection.  We cantered a cloverleaf pattern on both ends of the arena, on both leads.  I would like to try this on a horse that can do patterns, so I am better prepared to guide Blondie through it.  She tried very hard for me, but I kept running us into the wall because I wasn't asking her to turn early enough.

Last night, it was out to S's barn.  What a fantastic lesson.  I rode Lucky again in his show bridle, and I was more aware that I needed to use softer hands.  I was much better the first way, but I was getting tired and kept losing my balance the second way.  She had me do a lot of posting trots without stirrups, and halting on the rail.  S also told me to really work the weaker side when I'm riding.  She also mentioned during the lesson that she was trying to make Lucky cranky so it wasn't too easy for me.  His crankiness consisted of tossing his head angrily around.  I would think that will all of my popping him in the mouth that would make him angry enough...

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