Lesson 7.11 – What? The Horses are Shedding?

January in Michigan is supposed to be horrid and cold.  I'm really enjoying the 50 degree temps, but it's starting to confuse Mother Nature.  My tulips are popping out of the soil, and as I brushed Harley, I noticed that he is starting to shed.  Badly.  All over my recently washed sweatshirt.

For this lesson, we worked on collection.  At the last academy show, I allowed Harley to get too long.  During my driving lesson, I learned to work the bridle with the horse's stride.  This checks the horse's speed, and makes him do most of the work.  I have to concentrate on getting his head up and his nose down.  We spent most of the time working on getting his canter right, so he was a sweaty mess when the lesson ended.

It took forever to cool him off!  I walked him around the arena for about 20 minutes, and then had to hand walk him for another 15.  Then I tried to towel him dry.  Horse hair flew everywhere!  Yuck.