Steady She Goes

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Not much is going on in the world of riding lessons.  On Wednesday, we worked on patterns in the group lesson, and I rode Nyk because M thought it would be easier than trying to use Blondie.  When I discovered that we would be cantering a serpentine with simple lead changes, I was glad to be riding Nyk.  When it was our turn to try it, he did everything perfectly except stop when I asked him to. 

Thursday at the other barn, I rode Lucky again, and Erin rode with me.  She rode a new horse that they traded for, and he looked like a really nice one.  I am getting better with my hands, but I am still leaning forward going the second way.  S placed a whip across my elbows and told me to trot around the arena.  The first time I tried, I only got a few steps, but the second attempt, I made it all the way around.  It’s hard!

I also had to canter with no stirrups.  That still makes me very nervous.  Any no stirrup work makes me very nervous.  I’m afraid that I’ll fall off.  Will I ever not be afraid of falling off?

One of the little dogs was stepped on by a horse running off a trailer, and had two bones in her leg broken.  Ouch!  She had to have two plates screwed to the bones, and she was hopping around on three legs.  She seemed to be doing pretty well on Thursday, but I was told that she hadn’t been feeling very good prior to then.  Poor thing – those Jack Russells are so small.  Glad she is going to be ok.

Last night I drove to Hartland to see Laurie’s new horse.  She bought the mare in Ohio, from people who didn’t do anything with her.  She’s four, and probably has never had her teeth done.  She’s also underweight and probably wormy.  Laurie told me that I could ride her after they work with her for a few weeks.  I’m thinking more like a few months.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the horse looks like after she’s been taken care of for a while. 

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  1. Yeah, I know she’s just a baby, and she’s greener than Blondie was when I first got her. I’m looking forward to seeing what Laurie does with her. She is starting to feel good – Laurie was having trouble with her last night because she is getting some energy. I want to see her shiny and filled out.

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