Ugh – Sick Again.

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Well, I’m sick again, so that means one of two things – either there’s a horse show or I’m going on vacation.  In this case, both happen to be true.  Suck!

Monday’s lesson was on Nyk, and we really have the trot down.  I’m excited to show off how cute he is when he trots – his little legs are like little pistons as he marches down the rail.  He even bridles without any fuss.  Kim commented that he has a serious little walk.  He’s just a serious little dude!  He is business like and professional, and he knows what he has to do – look cute and show off while he’s doing it.

The canter is still a bit troublesome, and I’m at my wit’s end about it.  We actually cantered the left lead around the arena, and that went much better than previous attempts.  That right lead, though, just messes me up.  We started using the entire arena, but then went back to smaller circles at one end when he started getting too fast.  I don’t know if I need to put the western saddle on him and just canter around forever, or what.  It’s stupid and it makes no sense.

I am going to ride Harley at the show on Saturday.  While I’m not terribly thrilled about it, it’s probably a good thing for two reasons – 1. I don’t want to have a bad first ride with Nyk at a show.  2. I have bronchitis and don’t know how I’ll be feeling on Saturday.  Right now I feel pretty crappy, and I wheeze like a balloon with a small hole in the side when I breath.  It’s uncomfortable, and I hope the antibiotics start to kick in soon.  I did a nasal rinse with a saline solution the day before I went to the doctor (before I realized how awful I felt), and I think that staved off a sinus infection.  And my head isn’t all plugged up anymore.  Amazing what a little salt water can do.  Too bad I couldn’t rinse out my lungs.

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