Sunday at the Barn – Dude, blue’s not a scary color!

The temperature took a turn for crap today.  It was quite cold, and I was forced to dig out my long johns again.  Bundled in 2 thermal shirts, a windbreaker and my sweatshirt, I headed for the barn.  One good thing about the drop in the temperature - the mud started to freeze.  No more slipping through the muck. 

D was dropping a horse off for someone, so M had me warm up on Harley.  Since I'll be showing him at the academy show next week, she had me work again on collection, and cantering in circles because he swaps his back end if you don't stay after him.  The arena for the show is less than half the size of our training arena, which means things might get pretty crowded...

D arrived just before I just hopped on Harley, and he worked Woody in a running W.   They shaved Woody's head because he sweats so much, and he looked really goofy. His head is now 3 shades lighter than his body.

I helped get Blondie ready, and was not happy to see D snap on the draw reins.  I absolutely hate them!  He wants to use them because she tosses her head up since he's been teaching her to rack, and he wants her to bring her head up and back.

D told me that he wasn't going to tell me what I was doing wrong today.  He wanted me to pretend I was at the show, and try to make her look like a show horse.  Since he doesn't offer much in the way of constructive criticism anyway, this wasn't really that big a deal.

Blondie did almost every thing I asked of her, including getting her canters.  D did help me to rate her speed; he wants her to have 14 strides along each rail, and that's a good speed for her.  When we first took off, it was 9 strides, then 11, then 12, but now I have a better way to judge if we are going too fast. 

We worked on halting, so I am starting to wonder if he's planning on putting her in country pleasure classes.  M told me in Louisville that Blondie could probably show there if she was in country pleasure classes. She's not expensive enough to compete in the show pleasure classes.  Not enough zeros on her price tag.

While I was putting her away, M had Doc on a lead line, and was giving a lesson to a girl who's rather afraid of horses.  This is not a good thing because her mother purchased Spooky for her.  When Zoe brought Wildchild into the arena to walk her out (M had to give her a little re-education on the proper way to canter and she was a steaming, sweating mess when they were finished), I guess Doc went nuts.  Apparently, he's afraid of blue coolers.   Wildchild was quickly removed from the arena.   Brooke didn't fall off, but I guess it scared the crap out of her.

After the lesson, M had Zoe bring Wildchild back in, and she taught Doc the folly of not paying attention to her.  At first, he was utterly terrified of the wraith-like horse gliding around him, but with M reminding him to pay attention to her, he soon was back to trotting contentedly on the lead line.  Then M had one of other girls put on her crash helmet and trot Doc around Wildchild and the pony-eating fleece blanket.  Horses are so dumb!  It's not the blue coolers that are scary, it's the red ones!  The red one!!