Disney – Day One is a Jumble

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Jumping for joy to finally be on VACATION!

As is typical, I didn't sleep well last night.  I just I get pre-trip excitement and it keeps me up all night.  We ate at Pei Wei last night, and after checking into the Baymont, I did sleep like a log until 1:30 - then I was up the rest of the night.  Suck.  I haven't mastered the art of sleeping on planes, either, so now I'm pooped.

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Healthy breakfast burrito

We arrived at Orlando early, but then I had this monstrous line to stand in to check in for the Magical Express.  That is the free bus that ships you off to Disney.  The terminal was hot and humid, and it was not fun waiting in that line.  Then we had to move over to a different part of the terminal to stand in another line to actually board the bus.  Welcome to Disney!

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A little light reading material for the plane ride

After stopping at two other resorts, we made a mad dash to the front desk and were the first in line at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Check in was smooth and painless, as was getting our park hoppers added to our Keys to the World.  Then it was up to the room, and decide where to go next.  Since we had advance dinner reservations at the Wave at the Contemporary, we headed over to Magic Kingdom.

Disney 11/25/08 - Share on Ovi

Look at how they fold towels in Disney!

It was extremely crowded, but we were able to breeze aboard Pirates of the Caribbean.  They have rehabbed the ride since the last time we were here, and Capt Jack was added to the attraction.  Other than that, it's the same old ride.  I still like it, but I am easily amused.

Next was Transit Authority, which Dean thinks is about the lamest ride, and then Carousel of Progress, which I don't remember ever seeing before.  It was interesting, though the song was a little annoying.   After, we scurried over to the Monorail to the Contemporary for dinner.  Review of the Wave to follow.

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