Narcoossee’s – Huge Disappointment

Wednesday night was our dinner at Narcoossee's.  I was looking forward to this meal, and I left feeling terribly disappointed.  And irritated.  Not a good thing.

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See how nice the drink menu is?  Too bad the wait staff wasn't as pleasant.

Things kicked off to a good start, as we ordered our drinks and then our appetizers.  The seating assignment was less that stellar, so I asked if I could keep the drink menu on the table.  I wanted to use it as a backdrop for my photos, since it was a very attractive book, and I didn't want to include the people behind us in my shots.  Well, after that, the waiter made a very annoying habit of not stopping by our table.

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Dean's girly drink.  No alcohol.

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Bread basket shaped like a fish

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French press coffee!  I love it!  Unlike at Citricos, the waiter never came to make sure I had coffee or to refill my cup

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We started with a seafood bisque, which had main rock crab and a sourdough crostini.  Crostini is just another word for stale bread, so don't be fooled.  The strips of seafood were a little insubstantial, but overall, the soup had a nice flavor.

I ordered togarashi spiced ahi tuna - about 20 minutes after finishing my soup.  The theme of the dinner was wait, wait, wait.  I reminded me of the horrible meal we had at the Coral Reef a few years ago, which took about three hours because the wait staff ignored us then, too.  At Narcoossee's, the waiter was busy helping out the tables all around us, but he didn't want to trouble himself taking our order.

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It took about thirty minutes after placing the order the receive our meals.  We were both afraid that the food would be cold because it was sitting in the back, forgotten, just like us.  My rice wasn't hot, but since my tuna was shashimi style, it wasn't going to be hot anyway,.

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The tuna was served with sticky rice topped wasabi tobiko, a soy chili glaze and vegetable rolls.  The tobiko was interesting, but the vegetable rolls didn't impress.

Dean ordered crab crusted yellow tail snapper with crushed fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, and meyer lemon sauce.  He thought the food was very good.  I was wondering how pissed off you have to be at the potatoes to crush them.

Because we were tired of sitting there, forgotten, for so long, we opted to not order dessert.  We never opt to not order dessert.  The absent waiter was rewarded for his crappy service with a dollar tip.  We won't be eating here again.

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