Faith Restored – Yachtsman Steakhouse

I will admit that I was feeling a little disappointed with our meals so far.  Either the food or the service was not impressive, and the one thing that I look forward to the most on any vacation is the food.  The Yachtsman Steakhouse excelled at both, and now I'm eager for those ADRs again.

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A closet filled with raw meat!

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We spent most of the day wandering around EPCOT and the EPCOT resorts, grazing as we went.  I now understand what Blondie finds so appealing about her vacation in the pasture.  More on the day later, let's just get right to the food!

Oscar was our waiter, and he was fantastic  He even noticed the doll and made sure that she was a happy camper, too.  He said he was used to Mickey's at the table, but this was one of the first Barbies that he has seen.   Yea, Oscar! Every time you asked what she wanted for dinner or if she needed a refill on her beverages, your tip went up.

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They serve two kinds of bread here, a sourdough and onion rolls.  Dean ate the onion rolls so I didn't have to.  Thanks for the sacrifice!  The awesome thing about the bread is they give you a little cup of warm, freshly roasted garlic.  Man, oh, man, was it good!  I quickly consumed most of it.

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We started out with  Seared Maine Diver Scallops served with risotto and vegetables..  These were like butter and just melted in your mouth.  The risotto was a touch salty, but this appetizer got our hopes up that this would be a wonderful meal.

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I also ordered the squash bisque with seasonally spiced cream.  I was little afraid that the soup would be inedible like at Mara, but I was wrong.  The cinnamon was a little strong, but it wasn't overpowering like at Mara.

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Artfully presented lamb

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Next up, I ordered Boneless Lamb Loin - 9-oz boneless loin with Shiitake mushrooms,and squash, lamb merlot reduction.  Yeah, yeah, who orders lamb at a steakhouse?  I do!  I love lamb, and this was quite tasty.  I asked for it to be prepared medium rare, and it was very tender.

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Dean had the NY Strip Steak - 12-oz strip steak served with peppercorn brandy sauce and potato gratin with Diamond white cheddar.  He thought the meat was very tender, and he enjoyed the potatoes.   I thought at medium well he ordered it too cooked, but we don't agree on our steak preparation preferences.

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We were both pretty stuffed after our meals, but since we had skipped dessert at Narcoossee's we weren't about to do that again.  We agreed to split a trio of chocolate tastings.  I let him eat most of it because I was just too full.

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