The Waffle House – Just Beyond the Magic

We walked from Downtown Disney to the Waffle House Thanksgiving morning.  I wanted to get a bowl of cheese grits.  I can't believe that Dean agreed to walk 2 miles to a place he can't stand.  It was the best breakfast that I have had so far.  Sad but true.

Waffle House - Share on Ovi

No frills surroundings - where is the Disney Magic?

Waffle House - Share on Ovi

Score!  Cheese Grits!  Buttered down, too!

Waffle House - Share on Ovi

Everything on this plate was cooked in butter!!!!

I ordered an omelette with jalapenos, cheese, and ham, and raisin toast.  And the grits.  Dean ordered the All Star Breakfast.  The coffee was good, the service was brisk, and the tiny cafe was packed the entire time we were there.  

Having loaded up on fatty grams, we were ready for the hike back to Downtown Disney, where we waited forever for a bus to anywhere.

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