Nyk’s Academy Debut

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Nyk in Hunter Horse mode

I am cursed with a migraine today, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  We took Nyk to the second academy show yesterday, and he acted like the pro he is.  Had a brief moment when he stopped and looked out of a door way, but other than that, no reaction from him at being in a new place.  So different from Blondie!

The day didn’t start out very well for me – it was very, very cold, and it was snowing, which meant a slick drive out to the barn.  A salt truck driver cut me off when he decided that he owned the freaking rode, and I almost slid into his truck.  Jackass! Learn how to drive!  Then, I sliced my finger open when I made an emergency pit stop at a gas station – good thing I carry band aides in my purse, because I carved a huge chunk of skin out of my finger.  It really hurts, too.

Finally arrived at the barn, more or less in one piece (not counting the missing chunk of skin). Things went a little more smoothly this time – the horses were already there, and so were most of our riders.  I groomed up Nyk, and then walked him around the arena while M warmed up Ritz.  Then she warmed up Nyk, and it was show time.

I was able to trot him and canter half a round in one direction, but I really didn’t feel that I needed to do more than that with him.  He does everything you ask him to, and as long as I cue correctly, he does everything correctly.  He worked very well for me Friday night, and as he isn’t the slightest bit skittish, I wasn’t worried about anything other than getting out there and riding.  He was a little champ for me, too.  We ended up winning both of our classes.  He likes to get out there and show off, so I didn’t have to do much other than make sure he kept his head up.

M has been working on his canter, and both of his leads feel the same now, as long as I keep his head up.  Once I figured this out on Friday, I didn’t have any problem with his canter any more.  He did fall out of it when I tried to diamond cut out of traffic during the equitation class, but the judge didn’t see it and I got him going again quickly.  There were six horses in that class, and things were a little crowded in the small arena.  Still, I think I kept us out of traffic and made sure we didn’t get covered by other horses.

Audie had some problems with him at the canter, but she hasn’t ridden him very often and she was using too much draw rein and not enough snaffle rein.  The draw rein was throwing her off.  They looked really cute, though.

I hope we can take him to some more shows so I feel comfortable for our show season debut next year. 

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