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Since returning from Disney, I have been super busy trying to catch up at work.  I still have a ton of Disney pictures to share, as well as more restaurant reviews.  Hope to work on getting some of that up over the weekend.

Monday was bitter cold, and I was M's only lesson.  I rode Nyk, and we worked on cantering and leads.  He was a little lazy for a change.  He also had a pedicure, and now he doesn't have rear shoes.  He has snow shoes up front, so he can go outside and kick up some snow.  He and Harley were turned out in the arena together, and they appear to get along, so now they can be pasture buddies.  Blondie is coming in the day after Christmas, so I hope she enjoys her last two weeks of freedom.  I have a total of ten days off between Christmas and New Year, and I hope to get in as much riding as possible.  I hope the weather improves a little.

Speaking of Blondie, it seems that she had a great year.  She won the all important “Pretty Horse” award – aka, 5 and Over In Hand Championship, and was the Country Pleasure Driving Champ.  She was also Reserve Challenge of the Breeds Open English Pleasure Saddle Seat Champ, which really surprised me.   Now, I have to admit to that I had up my butt when I thought that she didn’t win the in hand championship, because I didn’t feel that the trainers showed her well.  With all of the other dissatisfactions from the summer, I was more upset about this than I should have been.  Hopefully that’s all behind us now.

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