Oh, So Cold

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Riding hasn’t been very pleasant the last few days because it is so cold.  Wednesday I could barely hold the reins, my fingers were so cold.  We worked on patterns so the horses wouldn’t get too hot, so there was a lot of time spent standing still, which doesn’t help to keep you warm.  Ugh.  It’s not even winter yet.

Thursday was off to the other barn, which is blissfully heated to a temperate 40 degrees.  I rode Lucky with a work bridle, which turned out to be a good thing – my balance was way off.  It was a good lesson, and those standing changes continue to give me trouble.

Friday I did no stirrup work on Nyk.  M kept telling me to use more snaffle, but the reins kept slipping through my gloves.  Guess it is time to find a warm pair of riding gloves as the snow board gloves no longer seem to be up to the job.

Today was a little warmer, but the drive at the barn is nothing but a sheet of ice.  Nyk was in the arena with Harley, standing around, so it was a bit of a surprise when I noticed his shoe in the dirt during my longe line lesson, which was conducted by Sarah.  They were just standing around, sniffing at the dirt!  D had it nailed back on by the time Sarah was finished torturing me with Jimmy, so I tacked him up and trotted him around a bit.  We cantered very briefly, both because I didn’t want everything to fall apart and because I didn’t want Nyk to get sweaty.

On the way home from the the barn I was overcome with a craving for curry, so I ran into the market down the street and bought tofu and some canned vegetables so it would cook faster. 

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