Toughing it Out

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Harley & Amber

If I recall correctly, last year at this time it was actually pretty warm.  None of this negative wind chill nonsense, not to mention actual lows in the single digits.  It was just beastly out last night, and today wasn’t much better.  I hate the cold!

Yesterday I bundled up a little too much.  I was sweating while I got Nyk ready.  Three layers of pants, two socks, and 6 tops, not to mention six hand warmers was maybe a little too much.  I was comfy at the barn, but I was miserably cold once I got home.  Go figure that one out.

We used stretchers yesterday, but they were a little long for Nyk’s little pony legs.  He still managed to primp down the rail at a jaunty trot.  He has a horse size ego in his pony size body.

Tonight was bitter cold again.  My cheeks were freezing! Nyk was unfazed by the weather – it even energized him.  He was full of energy.  We worked on canter leads again, and grabbing the correct diagonal on a circle.  It was really too cold to do much of anything, and M said that it getting so cold that she probably shouldn’t have lessons to begin with.  If that’s the case, we wouldn’t be able to ride much at all from Jan – March.  They just need to keep the kerosene filled in the little heater.

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