The Weather, It’s a Changin’

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Man, the weather has been weird the last few weeks.  First, it was snow, snow, snow almost every other day.  Then it was freezing rain and slick roads.  Saturday was a record setting day, with temps up to 60 degrees!  That meant lots of flooding and heavy fog.  Then today, the wind has been unbearable, as the temperatures dropped back into the winter zone.

I rode Nyk Friday and today, and attended a riding camp on Saturday.  The riding camp was fun – I was able to meet other adult riders, and a few of them didn’t start riding until later in life like I did.  I had to leave early because we had tickets for dinner at Greenfield Village, so I wasn’t able to participate in the rotten banana race.  I have always wanted to do that, too – maybe next time.

I did get to play Ride a Buck, on legendary Big Bob, no less.  What a great horse!  I surprised myself by riding him pretty well, and by keeping the bucks under my knees for a lot longer than I ever have.  I hope I am able to ride Bob again because he was pretty darn cool.  Easy trot, nice canter, just a sweetie.

With all of the melting snow and higher temps, driving out to the camp was nerve-wracking.  It was so foggy there were places where I couldn’t see ten feet in front of my car.  I couldn’t see the signs on the freeway, and by the time I arrived at the barn, I needed to take a breather and relax.  I’m glad that traffic wasn’t bad, and that most sane people just stayed home.

Weirdest thing happened at the barn.  We were sitting in the observation room introducing ourselves, when suddenly, the only sound that could be heard was the roll of water.  It sounded like a huge washing machine.  Evidently, water from all of the melting snow (over a foot of it), got into the heating ducts.  What a mess!  I hope they get it all cleaned up before the temperatures drop below freezing again.

On Friday, we did some pattern work with Nyk, and then the usual rail work.  Today, Laurie and Audie rode with me, and D was also out with Cookie.  M had us chase him around and try to knock him off the horse.  Nobody got close, but we had fun dodging each other during the free for all.  I stayed long enough to watch Audie ride Chester, while D ran next to them with the longe line.  He’s a cute horse, even if he looks like a giraffe right now.   That awkward stage for him is really awkward. 

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