Facing My Fears – Again

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Ritz cantering

Monday night, I faced my fear again and rode Ritz.  I have no problems with this horse as long as I don’t have to canter her.  Once the cantering starts, everything falls apart like a house of cards.  Her rocking canter intimidates me, but I just have to work through this somehow.

We cantered the right lead first, which had me popping out the saddle with every stride.  I concentrate on being relaxed and deep in the saddle, but it just doesn’t work.  After being terrified in that direction, I turned her around and asked if we could go the other way so I could get my nerves back in order.

First way, no problem.  I sat down in the saddle and everything was good.  Then we turned around again and everything started sucking again.  I don’t understand my phobia about the right lead and it’s really starting to bug me.  And of course M says that now we will work more on the right lead, which is something that we should have been doing all along, I think.  We spend a lot more time going the first way than the second.

I am taking a break from riding until Friday.  Blondie should be in by then, and I can start riding both her and Nyk.  I hope that she enjoyed her break and that her mouth is all nice and soft again.  Hope I don’t mess it up again…

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