The Vacation’s Over

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Blondie at Ludington

Things have been kind of quiet at the barn.  Blondie had a pissy fit on Friday when they brought her in, and she’s still not happy that her vacation is over.  She is on daily turn out now, in one of the smaller pastures.  M is afraid that they won’t be able to catch her if they turn her out with the mares again.

Friday we worked at perfecting the teardrop pattern with Nyk.  It’s nowhere near perfect yet.  I am leaning forward during the turns, allowing him to speed up, and I’m not asking him to move off of my leg enough.  It was better than the last time we tried it, but it still needs a lot of work.

Today I jogged Nyk.  JJ almost broke the cart yesterday, or so I have been told.  He is a little demon pony, and his stall is next to Blondie’s.  He keeps kicking the wall between them.  At first I, and everyone else, thought it was Blondie kicking, but, no, it was JJ.

Nyk was feeling very peppy in the morning chill, and getting him to flat walk was a pain.  We ended up walking a lot.  Then we trotted in figure 8’s and circles, to try and get him supple and off of the bridle.  Then we walked figure 8’s and circles.  My fingers and toes were freezing by the time we were finished – Nyk was steaming, so I guess I really do need to shed a few pounds.

Next up, M showed me how to longe Blondie.  I longed her with her halter, and just had her trot for about 10 minutes in each direction.  She was smoking when we stopped.  She is so out of shape!  She is out of shape and Nyk is turning into a tubby little pony.  Me, too! All three of us need to get back on that training track – the holidays are over!

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