Braided, not Smooth

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It was really cold today!  I hate riding when it’s so cold your fingers get numb.  Every breath left a billow of smoke lingering in the air.  Ugh!  We have three more months of this crap!  An Arctic cold front is supposed to blow into town this week, with temps below 0.  Something to not look forward to.

Today I changed something so simple, and I can’t believe what a big effect it had on my riding.  I have been using smooth reins, but I grabbed a braided rein for the snaffle instead.  I had been using a braided rein until I bought Nyk’s new bridle, when I started using the reins that came with it.  Guess what?  With the braided rein, he can’t pull the rein out my hands anymore, and I was able to keep his head bumped up during most of the lesson.

I rode with Audie this morning.  She rode Ritz, and we started off with a pattern at the walk.  It had a turn on the haunches, walk a circle, turn on the forehand, and more walking.  I am finally starting to understand how to cue for the turns.  I just have to remember to keep my weight back so Nyk doesn’t walk off in the middle of it.

The rail work went really well.  Nyk stayed collected and he didn’t keep pulling at the bridle.  His canters were nice and slow, but he trotted too fast the second way.  Chester was out on lines for that, and he kept jumping around and almost getting in the way.  I sped Nyk up to get by him, and then I had a hard time slowing him down again.  Over all, though, it was a good lesson.

The bit that I ordered a month ago finally came, and they sent the wrong one.  That makes the second item that I’m sending back.  I also ordered a pair of jods, but they were cut so small that even if you cut me in half, those pants never would have fit. Now, I realize that I’ve gained a little weight during the month long eating binge I’ve been on, but I haven’t gained THAT much!

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