Keeping the Ball Up

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Trying to play catch up – here’s a quick post about Tuesday and Wednesday's lessons.

An Arctic cold front has moved into town, and let me tell you, it sucks!  Temps are hovering right around zero, with winds chills in the dangerous negative zone.  I learned that toe warmers fit comfortably inside gloves and keep fingers nice and toasty.  I don't like to put them in my boots, though, so my toes were like little lumps of ice.  Surprisingly, though, it hasn't been terribly uncomfortable. 

M is trying something new, and it seems to be working.  She had me think of the horse's head as a ball, and in order to keep it up in the air, I have to flick my wrists up.  No pulling, just popping my wrists up.  It worked pretty well with Nyk, even at the walk.  Another thing that is helping with his head set is practicing turning on the haunches.  When cantering, I think about how I sit when I want him to pivot around, and he slows down and starts moving more off of his back end.  Who would have thought something so simple would be so useful?

Lessons have been shorter due to the extreme temperatures, and lingering at the barn isn't something that sounds very appealing when the walls are coated with a layer of frost.  It's only going to get colder, and then it will be a positively balmy 23 on Sunday.  Hooray!

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