An Irritating Week

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Friday's lesson was canceled because of the cold spell that has been plaguing us.  This week was very frustrating, as I dealt with insurance people who didn't know what the heck they were doing.  We had to change health insurance because of a 46% increase in rates, and the boss insisted I deal with the same idiot sales people from the last time we switched.  It's 20 days passed the day they promised we'd have all of our employee information, and we still don't have our insurance cards yet. Best yet, both of the agents avoided my calls and ignored my emails for days.  I have never had such a horrible experience with insurance. Ever.

Sunday was even more disorganized than normal.  I don't know why I let it bother me, because it's often not a smooth operation.  It must have been a general lack of patience due to the insurance fiasco at work.   It just irritated me to no end that I had to wait so long in the cold before bringing my horse out.  Then, the lesson was interrupted, which led to about 20 minutes of walking in the cold with my already frozen fingers complaining the entire time.  It is no fun riding when it's that cold out, and even less so when things don't go very smoothly.  Nyk was fussy and irritated by the time I took him back to his stall.  It took 2 and 1/2 hours to work in a thirty minute lesson. 

There are 10 riders going to the show on Saturday, and M is going to see if Hannah can handle Nyk.  Since her lesson is on Wednesday, I'll be riding Blondie during the group lesson.  I don't think she's ready to work for an hour, but I'm not going to push her very hard. 

Tuesday's lesson was all about practicing the serpentine.  I was letting Nyk just charge through it at first, but I was getting better at checking his speed by the end.  We had a nice canter, and called it a day.  It was really cold again, so I wasn't unhappy to climbing in my car and heading home to warm up.
I arrived early for the group lesson to watch Hannah ride Nyk and so that I could longe Blondie before the lesson.  Hannah did a pretty good job, so I'm curious to watch her show him on Saturday. 

Blondie was nowhere near the wild pony I thought she's be after being on vacation for so long.  She was so good, and she tried so hard to do everything I was asking of her.  She tried to trot like a western pony, though, so I tried to get her moving, regretting all the time that I forgot to put on my spurs.  Her mouth is nice and soft again, and she wasn't bearing down on the bridle.  She had a problem standing still while we took turns working through a pattern, but she settled down after a while.  She didn't want to pick up a  canter when I  first asked, but when she did, it was the slowest, most collected canter we've ever had.  Now we have to work on getting her fit again.  I think I have gained more confidence as a rider in the last four months, and I am so happy to have two very nice horses to show this summer.  I can hardly wait for the season to start.

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