The Showdown with Big Bob

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Thursday night, I was able to ride one of the nicest horses that I have even had the privilege to sit on – Big Bob.   Before I got on, everyone mentioned that he is squirrely and a little timid.  I didn’t find that the be the case at all.  Arnold was spooky and scared of his own shadow, and if you’ve  been reading the blog, you know that Blondie is hardly the bravest horse out there.  She is afraid of steaming piles of poop, and that should speak for itself.

Bob is the most up-headed horse I have ridden, and it was a struggle to use the curb rein.  Every other horse, my own included, it’s more snaffle, less curb.  More curb and less snaffle was confusing me!

This was a fun, fun lesson.  Bob was rock solid for me, and I didn’t have to worry about him getting stupid and me falling off.  Sure, he looked around the ring, but he didn’t react to anything.  At 20, he’s a seasoned pro, and he acted like one.  He’s a great horse.

I rode Blondie on Friday night, during my not really a lesson, and she was on her best behavior.  She even stood without fussing while one of the kids ran through her pattern for the Saturday academy show.  Her canter departs need a lot of work, though.  Ugh.

I helped rebraid Nyk’s tail after I put Blondie away.  There is a patch of gray hair mixed in it, which was really cute.  His tail is pretty long, but it just looked like a bird’s nest to me.  I’m not so skilled at picking tails out, and I think it showed in the results.  I have to do this to Blondie’s tail, too, and soon, but it’s been so cold out that the thought of doing it fills me with dread.  Double ugh.

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  1. bernie says:
    I like your pictures Julie. I do not like the cold either. The only thing that I like about snow is that it melts, just not fast enough

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