Getting with the Program

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Tuesday was another chilly evening.  I opted to ride Blondie, and will now try to switch off every other ride so that both horses are getting the attention that they deserve.  Blondie was only a little spooky by that back gate, and I was able to keep her moving forward in a fairly straight line.  After a few times of trying to veer off, she settled down and stopped trying to do it.  This made me realize that I didn't have balance to ride her last year, and that my riding has improved since then.

We really worked at getting a bend at the canter.  Blondie is very stiff on both sides after her long vacation, so we cantered circles in both directions, concentrating on getting her to bend.  It was hard work, and, again, a year ago I wouldn't have been able to do this.  It was a good lesson, and she is starting to get more balanced than she was when I first brought her inside.

Last night was cold, cold, cold!  I rode Nyk, and for being so cold out, there were a lot of participants in the group lesson.  There were 8 horses total, which is the largest group we've had for months.  We worked on circles and bending, and trying not to run  into each other.  The lesson was very uneventful, and it was so cold that I was happy to put Nyk away and go home to try to warm my feet up.  I will be so glad with the temps are above freezing.  Riding when it's in the teens or below is just not a lot of fun.

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