Sunday at the Barn – Canceled Due to Inclement Weather! *SOB*

I woke to the pitter-patter of rain hitting the roof.  Not a good sound when it's 29 degrees.  When I took Buu out for his morning potty break, even the grass was slippery.  I dreaded the thought of trying to drive out of the sub to the main road.

Since I was actually feeling worse today than yesterday, I briefly considered calling M and letting her know that I wasn't coming, but then I would feel like a quitter.  I was getting my belongings together and about to try to thaw the car when she called to tell me that the roads are really bad, and she is staying home today.  D would be at the barn if I still wanted to venture forth.

Given this opportunity to stay home and rest, I decided to do the sensible thing for a change.  I'm going to settle down on the futon with some books and read, or sleep if the mood strikes me.  Checking the weather forecast is rather depressing - the rain is supposed to continue until 10pm tonight, and then we're supposed to get whopped with snow.  I hope the roads are cleared up before I head into work tomorrow.  Now I pray that we don't lose power, as it took Edison a week to restore it after the last ice storm. ..