Dancing Horses, Not!

Howie       From Horses

Tuesday was Nyk's turn for a work out.  We changed his tack to a regular martingale, and when I got on, he crammed his head way back.  It was so cute!  We spent a lot of time walking, but after we reversed, I just couldn't keep him bridled like in the first direction.  We also worked on smoothing out his canter, which was a little fast and choppy.  Nothing ground breaking here other than discovering that he can bring his head up just as far a Blondie can.

Wednesday was not such a good day.  Woke up with a terrible pain between my shoulders, which is still twingy and sore.  I wasn't sure at first if I could even go to the group lesson, but I thought that a little exercise might loosen it up a bit.  The theory kind of worked - either that or all of the pain relievers were finally starting to kick in.

Got Blondie ready and went out to the arena with Sarah and Zoe.  We were walking next to Sarah when Blondie had one of her moments, and her panicked spook caused Wildchild to jump, too.  It was pretty funny! Whatever imaginary terror was going to eat Blondie was going to eat Wildchild, too!  They were both fine after that, but I really got after Blondie when she did it.  She doesn't get silly as much any more, because I think she has finally figured out that it only results in her getting worked harder.

D was there, so the lesson was a little more high energy than normal.  We did a lot of reversing, either at a trot or a walk.  The first time, Blondie started racking and she would not drop into a trot.  She also got off to a sluggish start, by not trotting when I asked, and since my back was bothering me and I didn't think it was fair that I was doing all of the work, she got a stern reminder with the whip that she needed to be moving a little faster.  She broke into a canter and it took a round to slow her down to a trot. 

Then we had a how slow can you go cantering contest.  I think Blondie won that one handily.  She has a nice, slow canter now, and even M said that was the most collected and the slowest that she's ever been.  Then we tried to canter pirouettes, and that didn't work at all.  Blondie can hardly canter a circle, let alone perform some fancy dancy dressage movement.  It was still interesting to try, but I just don't understand how to get her counter bent and keep her cantering in a tiny little circle.

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