Lesson 7.13

I had to cancel Wednesday's lesson because I still wasn't feeling well, and with the drop in temperature, I didn't want to risk prolonging my illness.  Tonight we kept the lesson short, and M had me ride Harley since I'm still not feeling 100%.

We worked on canter transitions.  I lean forward and try to push the horse into the canter, and she told me to concentrate on not collapsing my middle.  Instead, she had me sit back when cueing the canter, and on keeping my upper body straight. 

Because it is so cold, we called it quits earlier than normal.  I was tired and extremely cold by the time I left, so I wasn't too upset about the abbreviated lesson.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better by Sunday, and I can ride a couple of the horses.   I only have 2 more days of medication, so I had better be well by then!