Cruising Along

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Thursday, the weather took a violent turn for the frigid.  It was very windy, and the temperatures plummeted.  Yuck.  We are supposed to get slammed by another snowstorm Saturday, something else to look forward to.  Yuck.  I am really hating this winter and wish it would just go away.

I drove out to the other barn, and was told that I had a new project.  At the home barn, that is usually not a good sign.  It means that I will be riding something a bit over my head.  Here, though, it meant that there were some new horses in residence, and I would be riding one.  They happened to be Morgans, and the one I rode was a world champion eq horse.  Gunner has a face like Nyk's, but he's about twice as tall.  He was a very nice horse, and he was a lot of fun to ride.

I rode with a show bridle, with the curb rein through a martingale.  I was a little off balance the first way, which is a switch, and I think that maybe I am spending too much time strengthening my left side.  I worked on getting him bridled, by pushing him up with my calves and keeping a soft but steady pressure on the reins.  I tried so hard to not jostle his mouth during transitions and standing diagonal changes.  I thought my hands were getting a little less heavy, but I ended up with a blister on my pinky, so maybe not.  We also worked on dropping from a canter to a trot and grabbing the correct diagonal, but I messed it up almost every time! So frustrating.

I had to drop my stirrups at the canter, and then pick them up again a few times around later.  This used to really freak me out, but now I am getting ok with the idea of cantering around with out them.  I should really try this with Blondie, as she now has the slowest canter of any of the horses I've been riding lately.  She has pretty much stopped being an idiot, too, so I have been enjoying riding her.  Now if only I could teach her some better stall manners.

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