Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk

Summer                         From Horses

Argh! Last night we worked at that ever exciting gait – the WALK.  Yes, for quite some time, we walked.  And walked.  And walked.  Why? There was a letter put out explaining how important the walk is in a Classic class, and that the judges should conduct them by asking for a reverse and a WALK!  I hate reversing and then walking.  There is something exhilarating about hearing reverse and TROT.  Finding a place to trot through the center of the ring and not crash into anyone is just so damn much fun.  And here the odds of me getting to do that with Nyk have just been reduced to about zero.  At OKC, at any rate. Boo hoo.

There is just something about the walk that I don’t like.  It is the hardest gait, especially at a show, because you never know when your horse is going to get distracted and try to take off on you.  It’s a gait that can blow up in your face at any moment.  The trot is the easiest, and aside from getting the correct lead and keeping the horse collected and in motion, the canter isn’t so difficult, either.  It’s the walk, with it’s massive potential for failure, that makes things a little tricky.  Argh! 

We also spent a lot of time on transitions.  They are another weakness.  I don’t sit through them.  I stand up in my stirrups.  Or I let the horse take a few trot steps when cueing for the canter.  Or I don’t bring them to a complete walk when transitioning from either the trot or the canter.  Lots and lots of stuff to work on.  First show is at the end of April!  Argh!

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