Kongo on the Prowl

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Sunday, I trudged through the snow and headed off to the barn.  The roads still weren't very clear from the snow storm the day before, and there was a coating of ice on all of the car windows.  I once again wondered where spring was. Sigh

I got Blondie ready first, and she was just a terror in her stall.  She can be so evil when she's supposed to just be standing there.  She paws, has to mouth my sleeve, and shimmies from one side of the stall to the other.  It's a pain in the rear.

Once we were out in the arena, she settled down, until I asked for a reverse by the back gate.  Then she started crow hopping and generally being a royal brat.  M talked me through it, I got her turned around in the direction I wanted to go, and she behaved herself the rest of the time. 

Kongo, on the other hand, was just naughty, naughty, naughty.  D was jogging the 2 year old stallion, and it's the first time he's been in the buggy with another horse in the arena.  Blondie had him a little distracted, and all he wanted to do was canter.  We just tried to stay out of his way because I didn't feel like having the jog cart run us over.   One time, D yelled "Whoa," and Blondie stopped.  It was pretty funny.  I had to explain to her that she was supposed to be listening to me, and off we went again.

Next up, I got Nyk ready.  He is much more pleasant in his stall.  He just stands there.  Occasionally he turns his head in my direction, but he usually conserves his energy and doesn't move around.  Such a nice change from the mare.

I rode with Laurie on Ritz and Audie on Peanut.  D was conducting Audie's lesson, and Laurie and I just did whatever he said.  We reversed a lot, and then we cantered a lot on the right lead.  We cantered so much that I just wanted to stop and walk again.  I was getting a little tired of going around in all of those circles.  When we were all finished, D said that Nyk looked pretty good.  Towards the end I thought he was getting a little fast in his walk and he kept trying to dive his head. 

M tried to take videos of us with her camera, but they didn't turn out very well.  I told her I would bring my Flip camera and we could play with that.  Now I have to remember to bring it to the barn.

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