Doing Things the Hard Way

Sunday was bitterly cold.  I bundled up, and headed off to the barn.  It turns out that I shouldn't have worried about being cold because Blondie was being an utter turd and it seemed that I had to fight with her most of time I near her.  I should have known that something was up because she was being just horrible in  her stall.  She would not stand still, and D even came in to help get her bridled. 

It turns out that he was also going to be in charge of us in the arena.  This was a little odd, as he hasn't been involved very much with lessons the last six months or so.  I knew that I was going to at least need help getting on the crazed mare, so I was glad that I would have some help with that.  After getting on, we started down the rail, the second way of the ring. 

Almost at the end, Blondie decided that she wasn't going to go forward, and she started spinning around and getting a little light on her feet.  I kept kicking her forward; I just wanted her to move ahead instead of backwards, like she was starting to do.  We got turned around, I gave her every opportunity to go forward, and then I grabbed the whip in one hand and just whaled on her all the way down the rail.  She broke into a canter but didn't give me any more problems.  In fact, she was more than happy to oblige any cue I gave her.  Wish I had a secure enough seat to have done that the other 200 times she's tried to pull that on me.  I’m not sure why she always has to push the envelope and make things hard for herself.

After that, she actually acted like a show horse.  It's the most animated she's been in probably over a year.  Hmmm.  Then we cantered some figure 8s and serpentines, which are hard for both of us.  She was steaming pretty good by then, so we called it done.

While she was cooling off, I got Nyk ready, and I decided to use Blondie's bit because Peanut had the driving bit that Nyk likes and usually wears.  Blondie's is a little less severe, so M thought the he might try to bury his head, but he didn't.  He stepped off with his head up and he carried himself like that.  I didn't have to do much, except at the canter, when he does dive his head and try to take off.  Because he worked so well, I didn't want to keep him out for long, so we just w/t/c and then cantered some figure 8s.  I was really happy with how he worked.  I just need to keep working at the canter, because it is a little four-beaty. 

Summer is back at the barn, so I waited around and watched her work.  She was very good for not being ridden much the past six months.  She's also really out of shape and didn't have to keep at it for very long.  Her mane is about 3 inches long and she looks like the Trojan Horse.  Or a zebra, depending on your preference. 

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