La Fuente – An Onion Story

Saturday was rainy and gloomy, and it turns out, my eagerly anticipated lunch at La Fuente ended up being a major disappointment.  Let me share with you the Tale of Too Many Onions.

Things started off great.  We were given a basket of chips and a beaker of salsa, which was very tasty.  It had a rich tomato flavor, hardly any onions, and some diced garlic and cilantro. 

The disappointment arrived shortly after. I ordered shrimp simmered in a hot sauce. I get this at El Patio a lot, and wanted to compare. When the waiter put the plate in front of me, I felt like someone had kicked my puppy. It was basically a platter of sautéed onions, with a few shrimp on top. I freaking hate onions!!! The thought of paying 15 bucks for a plate of freaking onions still has me upset! There was no mention of onions on the menu.

Yup, here it is - ten pounds of onions and 12 dinky little shrimp. Oh, and a small scoop of beans and rice, too. Can you even see the shrimp?! What a major bummer.

Here is Dean's lunch. It had shrimp, scallops, fish, and assorted vegetables. And NO freaking onions! Even though the menu claimed that it had them! WTF?! Order onions, don't get them, don't order onions, get them. Grrrr.

Dean, being the weasel he is, couldn't stop telling me how wonderful his lunch was.  Yeah, just keep rubbing it in, why don’t you.

This was one of the worst lunches I’ve had in a while.  The service wasn’t bad, but my food was misrepresented.  Plus, it was very expensive, compared to El Patio.  51$ with tip!!  WTF!! 

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