Plugging Along

The weather took an epic turn for crap.  Last Friday was 70 degrees, less than a week later it was in the twenties.  I'm so tired of winter!  It's getting me down and making it difficult to focus on my goals.  The gloomy weather - rain since Saturday, snow today, is having a major effect on my mood.  The spring-like teaser on Friday only made things worse, as I was stuck at work pretty much the entire day. 

In the group lesson, we worked on transitions.  M set a chute up with cross rails, and we either walked in, halted in the middle and walked out, or trotted in and transitioned to a walk.  I rode Nyk, and the walking/halting, was a lot easier than the trotting/walking.  This is something that I really need to work on - most of my transitions just suck.

The Thursday lesson at Barn #2 was a bit of a challenge. I rode Storm in a show bridle.  She is an 18 year old country pleasure mare and she still has plenty of pep in her step.  After getting over the usual confidence issues when presented with a new mount, i decided that I really like her.  Her canter gave me a bit of a problem at first, but after S pointed out that I was clamping my legs on her when I was asking, I forced myself to relax and everything was so much better then.  Amazing how that works.  Now if only I could stay relaxed every time I ride! 

S told me that Storm was like a process marker for me.  It would show me how much I have improved, and this lesson really did show that to me.  I was able to keep my hands steady for the most part, even with S getting the horse aired up.  I was able to rate my speed without falling apart.  I didn't jerk the mare's mouth around and kept her bridled.  I thought that she felt great, and S said that she looked great.  It was a very satisfying lesson.   With show season just around the corner, I am looking forward to seeing if all of the work will pay off with my horses.   I just ordered a bridle for Nyk, and I can’t wait to get it.  I have never ridden him in a show bridle, and I wonder what he’ll be like.

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