Fuji – Where Too Much of a Good Thing is Too Much

Today, we traveled over to Madison Heights to sample the dishes at Fuji.  This is a Japanese buffet, and the only words I needed to hear to want to eat there were – all the sushi you can eat.  Holy crap!  How can you resist the call of all of those little rolls of raw fish???

We arrived just after noon, which was a good thing.  It wasn’t very busy when we got there, but by the time we left, there was a line going out the door.  The place is huge, too.  It occupies an old Sweden House space, and they have broken up the restaurant into several rooms that were just crammed with people when we left. 

We didn’t waste any time getting started.  There were about eight serving stations, including one with dessert.  You could also order hot pot, but that was not included in the buffet.  And in the corner, you could order up some udon.  I had to skip that, unfortunately, because I was soon stuffed with everything else. I am also sad to admit that I didn’t get to try even half of what was available.  I felt like a buffet rookie here, and that’s hard for me to accept.  At a Indian buffet, I can usually pack away a little bit of everything.  Here, there were so many dishes to choose from, some of them totally unfamiliar to me, that I was spinning in circles around the serving tables trying to decide what to eat. 

I started out with crab, an assortment of dumplings, and all kinds of shrimp. I am a slave to shrimp. I can't resist it's siren call. There was tempura, and shrimp on skewers with a tasty sauce, and peel and eat, and shrimp that I didn't even know how it was prepared. Shrimp with shells, legs, heads, etc. So much shrimp!

The crab was wonderful! It was my favorite part of lunch, and I ate a whole lot of it! The yellow stuff was like a seafood casserole. It had scallops, shrimp, crab, squid, weird things I couldn't identify. It was slightly sweet and very addicting. Yum!

The first of many, many, many sushi rolls.

This was not the best sushi I have ever had, but I'll admit that it was exhilarating being able to load up a plate with 15 different kinds. So much! The traffic pattern at the sushi table was heavy, so the turnover of the food was very fast. There were about 6 guys working back there, slicing, dicing, and smooshing rice.

More sushi

Yummy!! I didn't even know what most of it was! One had cream cheese, and that was a downer. It was only one I didn't like.

More crab! And a squid ball!

The crab was so good! Very messy, but so good!

I even daringly mixed dessert with the main course!

The is banana pudding! I didn't know quite what it was when I scooped it up, and thought it was vanilla pudding with graham crackers. It was banana, with nice chunks of banana and wafers.

Crème puff.

The crème puff was better with banana pudding - the crème had no flavor.

Dessert! Green tea ice cream, chocolate coffee mousse, green tea cake thing, and a gooey peanut concoction.

The service was brisk, refilling our beverages several times, even with the massive amount of people there. Lunch was $35 with tip - we would easily have spent over 50 bucks if we went out for sushi somewhere else.  Again, not the best quality, but the quantity can’t be beat.

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